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Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes Divorce: The Drama Continues

The Ravi Report front and center!

Ok  folks,  so a powerhouse Hollywood couple is divorcing. Speculation everywhere. Yes, it is big news folks. In the headlines everyday. Why?  Because it’s Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes and because no one saw it coming.  Yes, it’s a big surprise to a lot of people both close and not so close to the Cruises from what my sources tell me. I will admit, it’s also a surprise to me. I thought they were happy.

News stations are having a field day with the story. Every  reporter, editor, etc, are presenting stories as if they personally knew the Cruises and played Sunday golf with them.

The once “hot new lovers” are now divorcing after a short marriage

I especially found it amusing how one sexy blond magazine editor spoke about “How Katie is devastated and can’t sleep at night over the divorce.” I guess that editor is Katie’s roommate.

Ravi Yande with Tom Cruise at NY movie premiere
(photo courtesy Tom Cruise)

I will admit,  it’s surprising that only after five years of marriage, Tom Cruise, one of the nicest and most talented actors I have ever met is divorcing his third wife, the beautiful Katie Holmes which he married in March of 2006. They have an adorable child Suri who is 6 years old. Of course, there is a great deal of speculation about the whole Scientology issue and even “confirmed” reasons coming from talking perky, beautiful blond editors from the national weeklies claiming  to know the real reason the Hollywood A- listers are divorcing.

Tom Cruise listens attentively to a question from The Ravi Report

I do know that Tom is a very private person and rarely does he give interviews about his personal life, family and children so the reason why he and Katie  decided to end their marriage  may take a while  to surface and the public will have to wait.The divorce drama has only just begun.

When Cruise was divorcing actress Nicole Kidman after almost a decade of marriage,  I had met him at an event where he was a bit reserved discussing  his divorce from Kidman. There are even reports that Cruise has hired the same powerhouse attorney Dennis Wasser who helped with his divorce from Kidman to represent him in his divorce from Holmes.

But before everyone jumps on the Tom & Katie bandwagon (and trust me, there will be many) claiming to “know” Tom or “understand” what they are going through or how they “sympathize with Katie for being married to Tom”, let me  say one thing as a reporter who has met Tom Cruise numerous times over the years- he has been professional, respectful and courteous  to reporters who have often tried to intrude on his private matters.

Personally,  I feel that both Tom and Katie need their private time now more than ever to handle this world-wide news story that is making daily headlines in the news. It is difficult to live your life under a microscope as many famous personalities have told me. They know that they are being watched, chased, photographed, harassed, etc and they know that it comes with the territory, but that does not mean they need to like it or accept it. Cruise has always maintained an immense  amount of professionalism when dealing with the press and whenever the actor is going through some tough and unpredictable situations or family issues, the 50 year-old actor handles his personal situation with class.

At a recent media event in NY, reporters and writers who have covered both Tom and Katie were talking about how the couple always seemed happy when talking about each other.

At Cruise’s Mission:Impossible Ghost Protocol  movie premiere last year, Holmes also attended the red carpet gala and smiled for photographers and reporters posing with Cruise. When I spoke to Tom, he responded how excited he was that his wife was by his side on his big night.

Things happen for a reason and as we all know, we don’t always get the answer immediately. I am sure when they are ready, Tom and Katie  will tell the world about why they decided to end their marriage.  But as I have said many times before, having some private time to decipher what they need to do, is really what both Tom and Katie need right now. A simple divorce is painful enough, just image having the whole world watching every move you make while judging you in the process. It can be  tough and at times unbearable as I have been told by many high profiled divorced celebrities over the years.

Hopefully, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes will be able to come through this stronger and the media will give them enough space to allow them to work out their issues until they are ready to talk to the world about them.

The journey continues…..



Tom Cruise &Anil Kapoor Rock Mission:Impossible Ghost-Protocol NY Premiere

Hollywood A Lister Tom Cruise greeting reporters

Always front and center to get the story!

What you need to know about International star Anil  Kapoor is that besides being an award-winning actor, devoted father producer and writer, the in-demand Indian actor  is one of the most versatile and talented entertainer you are ever going to see. His 30 year acting journey in Bollywood as a the lead actor in over 150 Indian films, has made him one of the most sought after Indian actors today, not to mention one of the nicest!

The A-lister of Bollywood  Anil Kapoor has made a journey into the world of Hollywood via “Slumdog Millionaire”, the television series “24″ and now the highly anticipated “Mission: Impossible Ghost- Protocol.” The movie rocks by the way folks!

Bollywood A lister Anil Kapoor speaking to the press

Kapoor  52, (born on Christmas Eve)  is being coined  as the only Bollywood star to be linked up with names like Tom Cruise, Kiefer Sutherland, Danny Boyle and Clive Owen while becoming  an international sensation. Hollywood is taking notice at the man with millions of fans around the world and Kapoor’s talents have lead to many Hollywood  projects.  Kapoor is repped by the talent agency ICM, home to many Hollywood A-listers and will be seen in the coming film “Cities” with actor Clive Owen in 2012.

Anil Kapoor poses with Ravi Yande

The millionaire’s Oscar-winning film “Slumdog Millionaire” is still one of the most popular films of all times  and is watched even more enthusiastically today by fans around the world.

But enough about the Bollywood Kapoor,  let’s talk about  international star Kapoor who with Hollywood A-lister Tom Cruise had women screaming as they recently entered the red carpet premiere of Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol in NYC at the world-famous Zeigfeld theater in Manhattan.  The celebrity assemble attending included Katie Holmes, (who is just beautiful in person!), co-star  sexy Paula Patton with  husband Robin Thicke (the talented singer and son of actor Alan Thicke), Josh HollowayJ.J. Abrams, director Brad Bird and the brilliant  actor Simon Pegg.
“We love you Mr. India ” screamed a very  attractive Indian girl wearing a sexy black designer dress and referring to Kapoor’s 1987 first Indian sci-fi film “Mr. India” which broke all box office records in India.  The film was directed by the brilliant and acclaimed Shekhar Kapoor (no relation) and there are  strong rumors in Bollywood  that the director  is in talks with the superstar Kapoor to make “Mr. India 2”. 
 “I waited for three hours just to get a glimpse of Anil and Tom,” said another  gorgeous Indian girl with hazel eyes and high cheek bones clinching  Kapoor’s photo as if it were a winning lottery ticket.
The Ravi Report caught up with youthful Kapoor  who looked amazing for being jet lagged (he flies back and forth from Mumbai and LA several times a month) and  spoke to him about the movie and his role in bringing Hollywood’s attention to Bollywood.
RR: Congrats Anil on another great film and it’s great  to see you again. Hollywood, particularly A-listers are looking to Bollywood now for collaboration thanks to you and your Hollywood journey. Your thoughts?
AK: We (Bollywood) are very proud, excited and very happy about it and I think it’s time it’s getting it’s due!

Hollywood superstar Tom Cruise listens to a question from The Ravi Report

RR: Tell me if you will, what your experience was like working in such a major Hollywood production with Tom Cruise for the first time.

AK: You know, honestly, when you start thinking about a huge movie, huge stars, etc, you get stressed out. I just had a lot of fun and you know what?  I went with the attitude of having fun and that’s what I did. I hope the audiences enjoy  watching the film.
RR:The international media and film critics are saying that Anil Kapoor is the first major Indian star  to gain notoriety in Hollywood and is now representing both India and the Bollywood around the world. What are you thoughts on such an assertion?
AK: Well, I think it’s huge  responsibility on my shoulders to be honest and  frankly  I think too much is being said about me being an ambassador of Bollywood to the outside world. However, I do tell my colleagues that it is a great opportunity for all of us and to be honest here, it is fun to be on the global stage. (laughs)
RR:  Would you like to share  some  thoughts on  the recent passing of Bollywood legend Dev Anand ?
AK: He is immortal. I never felt he was gone us even after his passing.

RR: Regarding future projects, would you ever consider setting up shop in Hollywood?

AK: (laughs) I think I got the best of both worlds and today, you CAN have the best of both worlds.
RR: You were the catalyst behind Tom Cruise coming to India. What were his thoughts?

Anil Kapoor listening to the NY media

AK: He loved India very much. The people, the warmth and the culture all appealed to him.

Actor Josh Halloway is always in good spirits!

In “Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol”, Kapoor plays the role of a rich Indian businessman and womanizer Brij Nath, who owns  a defunct Soviet military satellite that could potentially be used to transmit the order to fire a nuclear missile. His character role is small but essential to the movie.

The film had its premiere in Mumbai in early December with all  kinds of fanfare and a gala reception with the entire cast.  Kapoor played hosts to Cruise and the cast of the movie and posed in front of the historical Taj Mahal with Cruise before they left for the Dubai premiere. My contacts in Mumbai who attended the premiere said the streets were filled with people literally screaming Cruise and Kapoor’s names while they were walking the red carpet.  “It was pure mayhem” said one reporter.

Gorgeous model Tanya Callau and hubby Alan Thicke smile for The Ravi Report

“Mission:Impossible- Ghost Protocol” already broke box office records by clearing $161 million in box office receipts  over the Christmas holiday weekend proving that international powerhouses like Cruise and Kapoor can bring both Hollywood and Bollywood audiences together on an international level.
For more information on the amazing film, please visit
The journey continues….”impossible” and all!
Happy New Year everyone!


A myriad of TV crews and reporters waited anxiously for Tom Cruise and Bryan Singer to enter the premiere

A myriad of TV crews and reporters waited anxiously for Tom Cruise and Bryan Singer to enter the premiere

It was indeed one of the most glamorous and star studded movie premieres I have covered and attended in NY this movie season.  Iconic Hollywood movie star Tom Cruise and acclaimed award winning director Bryan Singer along with celebrities and special guests made their way down the red carpet on Dec. 15 at the movie premiere of their much talked about and anticipated film”Valkyrie”.

Accomplished & talented actor Tom Cruise at the red carpet premiere of his movie "Valkyrie"

Accomplished & talented actor Tom Cruise at the red carpet premiere of his movie "Valkyrie"

The biggest  movie premiere ever to happen so far this year and The Ravi Report was  front and center with details, exclusive interviews and photos that will only be seen on this entertainment news & exclusive event coverage blog. The premiere took place at the prestigious Ross Hall at the famous Time Warner Center amidst  a media frenzy that I had never seen before. NY press, foreign press and almost every major magazine & newspaper outlet were on the red carpet vying for interviews with Singer and Cruise and other celebrities.

 Director Bryan Singer  is my childhood friend so this was indeed a special night for me as well. It is always nice seeing him at his movie premieres and he was gracious as ever with the media and still is  the same smart, talented and personable person I met over 25 years ago. He has never forgotten his friends and his roots in Princeton, NJ.

Tom Cruise and Ravi Yande at the "Valkyrie" NY red carpet premiere.  Photo courtesy Tom Cruise.

Tom Cruise and Ravi Yande at the "Valkyrie" NY red carpet premiere. Photo courtesy Tom Cruise.

The film already has generated a great deal of press for both director Singer and Cruise, who portrays the real life  role of German officer Claus Von Stauffenberg who in 1943 hatched a plan to assassinate Adolf Hitler.

 “I am really thrilled to be here and hoping that it all goes well. My whole family is here tonight” said Singer.

“My mom has seen it already but my dad will see it tonight and alot of my friends from Jersey that still live in Jersey are here as well tonight and for me personally that is a big and very exciting thing to have my family and friends here” the director exclusively told The Ravi Report.

Ravi Yande and good friend Bryan Singer

Ravi Yande and good friend Bryan Singer

Bryan also told me his movies are usually premiered in LA and that very rarely do his films have a NY premiere.  so “Valkyrie”had an extra special meaning to him.The award winning director  also said that it was  especially heartwarming to see that the press and the critics are saying positive things about the film so early in without a nationwide release yet.  The film opens Christmas day and both Singer and Cruise are proud of all their hard work and dedication the film and it’s release.

Acclaimed director Bryan Singer enters the red carpet premiere in style!

Acclaimed director Bryan Singer enters the red carpet premiere in style!

“Tom and I are most proud of that fact that as much as it’s an assassination thriller, it’s all true. It happened. It’s a real story, true story. The characters are true and what happened to them is real and that is just the added bonus” said the “Usual Suspects” & “Superman” director.

Mass hysteria took place when the “Rainman”  & “Jerry Mcguire”superstar took to the carpet. When Cruise entered the room, everything pretty much turned into mayhem with cameras flashing second and second, reporters screaming the actor’s name and security trying to push back the overzealous reporters hoping for a quick sound bite from the star.  It was great to see that after 25 years of being a top movie star, Cruise  commands the kind of adoration and respectablility that Hollywood legends work a lifetime to achieve.  Tom was gracious, unassuming and excited that his movie was being so welcomed by the NY press.

Tom Cruise answering questions from the press.

Tom Cruise answering questions from the press.

Tom answered the basic red carpet questions about his family and life in NY with a pool of reports.

“My kids have the life that I always wanted. They travel the world, envelope different cultures and people, learn about their history..that’s how I raise my kids so they have full exposure to the world and ideas and philosophies and make choices by themselves” said the award winning superstar.

The devoted father  has made NY his permanent home lately due to wife Katie’s broadway debut and is often seen and photographed around town having fun and being a nuturing parent to  his kids.

Tom Cruise speaking to the jam packed press line at the premiere.

Tom Cruise speaking to the jam packed press line at the premiere.

“Whatever they want to be, I tell them to just do it. But I have a thing that if you really want to do it, just do it. Don’t be causual about it” he tells The Ravi Report.

Tom revealed that he has had a place for 25 years in Manhattan and says he loves the theater, going to live performances and the people.

I asked him if he finds it challenging to be such a high profiled family man.

“I am trying man. I am going for it…that is what you got to do!” said the star as he flashed his trademark million dollar movie star smile.

Tom is also spontanous I found out.  After my interview, he politely asked if he could see my camera. I obliged and the superstar then turns towards me and graciously proceeds to take a picture of the both of us on my camera.  I thanked  him for taking the photo and we shook hands before he was lead off the  red carpet by his professional team of  publicists and taken into the screening room with Singer and the other celebrities.

Bryan Singer listening to questions from the press

Bryan Singer listening to questions from the press

NASCAR iconic driver Jeff Gordon who came with his stunning wife Ingrid Vandebousch  told The Ravi Report that he was too busy driving race cars to keep up with all the business of Hollywood movies these days but did appreciate Tom’s and Bryan’s work. The famous race car driver attends movie premieres with Ingrid but due to his hectic and world travels, he finds it hard to see all of the latest blockbusters. But he was he said he was very excited to see Tom’s film.

NASCAR icon Jeff Gordon and his stunning wife Ingrid at the movie premiere.

NASCAR icon Jeff Gordon and his stunning wife Ingrid at the movie premiere.

“We had a conversation with Tom and Katie not to long ago and he is amazing and I am really looking forward to see his new film” states the first ever  NASCAR driver to host Saturday Night Live in 2003.

Since this was a very special premiere and The Ravi Report had exclusive access to interviews with the cast members, there will be follow up in another blog shortly with additional interviews, exclusive photos and a review of  “Valkyrie”.


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