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Charity Water Gala Flows With Generosity!

Exclusive look inside the gala!

The famous "Water Walk" is an intricate part of every ball.

  Well folks, this event definitely had the three S’s – Swanky, Sexy and Sensational! For those of you that missed this year’s most talked about event, the  4th Annual Charity :Water Ball, I highly recommend that you start thinking about going to  the next one in 2010. That’s  just how amazing and incredible this party was. Beautiful people with generous hearts and big wallets came out in this uncertain economy to show  how much they believe in  the mission of Charity:Water and how much they respect and admire founder Scott Harrison for his hard work and dedication of  bringing developing countries safe and clean drinking water. Camera crews, reporters  & social media celebrities all gathered together on the  red carpet waiting for another great night and they got what they wanted! The Ravi Report was front and center with  exclusive coverage & photos of the event. 

Charity:Water Founder Scott Harrison & actor Adrian Grenier get ready to walk the red carpet

The ball was held at the famed Metropolitan Pavillion in Manhattan which  has been home to the past several  balls and it’s the ideal place to hold a massive crowd (over 1200 came this year) for a party. Supermodels, famous actors, fashion designers and well-known supporters all came together to support a great cause and mingle with NYC finest…and boy did they mingle!  

Celebrity Chef/Author Rocco DiSpirito poses with Ravi Yande

Celebrity Chef/Author Rocco DiSpirito poses with Ravi Yande

Hosted by talented actor Adrian Grenier a long time supporter  and good friend of Harrison, the actor walked the red carpet with Harrison and  other celebrities before hand and also  lead the auction into a successful night raising over a million dollars! It just goes to show that even in this tough economy people have big hearts and are anxious to help.  

Scott & Adrian pose exclusively for The Ravi Report on the red carpet

“I planned for this event for months and I would never miss it,” said a stunning model wearing a Versace dress decked with David Yurman jewels.  

“This is the ultimate NY party. You miss this, you miss everything,” said one gorgeous statuesque brunette with porcelain skin as she entered the pavillion.

Debonair businessman Mark Birnbaum & Supermodel Nicole Trunfio pose exclusively for The Ravi Report

It’s no secret that Charity:Water brings out the creme de la creme. It’s the place to seen and it’s the place to give. The Pavillion was transformed into an art  museum atmosphere with beautiful & captivating life-size posters of children from India, Central African Republic and Uganda wearing priceless smiles and drinking fresh clean water. Trademark yellow water canisters were lined up in a special  entrance installation with actual running water coming from the top simulating a water well. 

NY Post writer Justin Rocket Silverman admiring the fascinating photos.

Afridev pump was a hit during the party!

The Afridev pump was a hit during the party!

And who can forget the annual “water walk” that is displayed at every ball. A simulated runway is created where guests pick of gallons of water (some dare to go barefoot) and walk the designated runway with the water.  

Another  interesting display this year was the Afridev pump. What’s that? Glad you asked. An Afridev (African Development)  pump is a low maintenance easy to use pump which can be used by people who live in the villages and have no other access to fresh water.  The cool thing about it is that it pumps between 150-200 feet  below ground level and does not require electricity!  

Friends of The Ravi Report designer Irina Shabayeva(r) with model Kalyn Hemphill (c) wearing her famous red rose gown.

The auction lead by Grenier and Harrison was the highlight of the evening which ended with a performance by the multi-talented singer Rob Murat.  

Although the evening had a great deal of glitz and glamour the premise was a serious one- to help bring clean drinking water to millions of people around the world who are in desperate need. Check out the to see how you can help all year around and then celebrate your good work at the annual ball!

The journey continues…happy holidays folks and be safe!  




The next time you pick up a fancy bottle of crystal clear water and are about to quench your thirst, take a second if you will to just imagine that bottle of  water being filthy, muddy and filled with bacteria and other elements dangerous to your health. Not very appealing, huh?  Well, thanks to Scott Harrison Founder and President of Charity:Water organization,, thousands of people around the world  now have safe and clean drinking water. Through his dedication and endless efforts Scott & his team have been providing clean and healthy drinking water to thousands  in underdeveloped countries that are subjected to dirty and unhealthy drinking water.

In  two years Charity:Water has developed 1, 030 water projects in 13 countries allowing 500K people to have clean and safe  drinking clean water. Now that’s incredible!

His annual Charity:Water Gala Benefit scheduled on December 15, 2008 at The Metropolitan Pavillion located at 125 West 18th Street brings out the best of New Yorkers and is a way for people to help donate and help numerous countries including Africa, India and Guyana to have clean drinking water. Tickets for the gala can be purchased online at

Water Benefit on Dec. 15.

Talented Actor and long time supporter Adrian Grenier will co-host Charity:Water Benefit on Dec. 15.

I attended and covered the event last year and let me say one thing. It was simply incredible. 1500 of the most beautiful, elegantly dressed and generous people you will ever meet. Large poster size images of children from around the world are displayed through the venue attached with stories about how their lives have been changed through Charity:Water.  A list celebrities, supermodels, socialites & famous New Yorkers mingled with the guests during the night learning more about the organization and how they can help.  Glamorous red carpet arrivals laced with celebrities and national press all came out to support Scott and his wonderful organization.  Honestly, it’s an event that you don’t want to miss!

 The most rewarding part of the evening is you get to see how your donations are being utilized around the world and how many people are benefiting from the generosity of others. All for the sake of clean drinking water. It’s a great feeling.

For all those “Entourage” fans, the gala this year will be hosted by superstar Adrian Grenier who is as humble as any star can be along side the stunning supermodel and very gracious Jessica Stam. I met and interviewed both of them last year and the passion and concern for people is visibly seen in their eyes.


Co-hosts supermodel Jessica Stam and actor Adrien Grenier are long time supporters of Charity:Water

A  $20 dollar bottle of water can give so many people the drink for life. That’s a price of a movie these days with oily popcorn. Just think, after you watch the movie and eat the popcorn, what do you have? Nothing. A $20 dollar donation goes 100 percent towards building  water wells and providing clean water for the people of Africa and other nations. I spoke to a few patrons last year at the gala who had travelled to the countries where Scott has done work and were so pleased with the progress Charity:Water is doing they continue to support his work.
So the next time you pick up that clean, sparkling bottle of water, you may want to think of Charity:Water and how you can help in spreading the wealth of clean and safe drinking water.  The event sells out fast so for tickets go online at
Hope to see you at the event!


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