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I came home last night and in my inbox were a ton of emails from  friends asking me why I haven’t blogged yet about Susan Boyle.

Who? I innocently asked.

I read through their emails and soon realized why they had asked me that question.  Susan Boyle will shock you as she did me, the  judges on the hit show “Britain’s Got Talent”  and pretty much the world. Shock you. I mean really, honestly shock you. Completely from left field. Just shock you. Got it?

The 47 year old unemployed church volunteer recently got a chance to fulfill a life long dream of singing  on stage and got a chance to prove herself on the hit show in front of millions.  The single lady who lives with her cat Pebbles (aww) has been singing since the age of 12 and she said she always wanted to be a professional singer but family obligations and tending to her ailing mother prevented her from doing so.  Her mother recently passed away and Boyle thought about going on the show.  Little did she & the world know  that her destiny & life would change forever once she sang on the show.

When the simple looking Boyle came out on stage, well  you  can just  imagine what happened next but I’ll tell you anyway.

Mockery. Plain and simple. The singer was greeted with that universal look of  “Here comes another reality show star wannabe. ” Boy, did she prove them wrong!

In this present day and age where being beautiful and wrinkle free seems more important than breathing, where wearing expensive designer clothing and name brand cosmetics are more crucial than having a pulse, Susan Boyle was in fact being thrown to the tigers and famous  celebrity judge Simon Cowell was one of them waiting to bite.

Trademark skepticism from Cowell along with  jeers & laughter from the audience  members  came  when they saw the  “outside package” prompting them to make their own premature opinion in their own snarky way.

Despite  being  greeted with jeering from the audience,  rolled eyes and raised eyebrows from the judges, Susan Boyle stood her ground as she proceeded to tell millions around the world that she always wanted to be a professional singer similar to the caliber  of famed British theater legend  Elaine Paige.

Again scoffing from the audience.

Then it happened. The West Lothian Scotland native  began to sing “I Dream A Dream” from “Les Miserables”  and it was as  if some angel from heaven had come down to sing on stage. She was brilliant!!! I mean B-R-I-L-L-I-A-N-T!!!!!

Mindblowing incredible. Fantastic. Beyond what anyone could have imagined. The audience rose in seconds and stayed standing & cheering  until the very last note was sung. The other two judges Piers Morgan  and Amanda Holden were blown away in shock and completely taken by surprise by the magnitude of Boyle’s voice as  they gave her a standing ovation.

 Boyle obviously blew the judges away prompting them to give the cat loving singer top rank in the contest sending her home a winner.  Boyle’s performance was watched by over 13 million viewers on YouTube and she has become an overnight sensation on the Internet.


Check out Susan’s Boyle’s performance  and you too will be blown away and left speechless just like I and the rest of the world were.

The journey continues…



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