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Donald Trump & Exotic Beauties Take Center Stage

Donald Trump smiles with international beauties

It was  one of the most amazing press events I have ever been to. Plain and simple folks.

“Donald! Donald! Over here! Please!” came the screams from reporters as the world-famous debonair, charismatic and  “The Apprentice” show creator entered Studio 9 at the Chelsea Piers recently. When Mr. Trump enters the room- you know it!

“Please Donald, one more picture,” pleaded a stunning and statuesque international beauty who made  models on the cover of Vogue & Maxim look like inexperienced school girls.

Rosanna Purcell (l) Ms. Ireland 2010 and Ms. Albania 2010, Angela Martini give The Ravi Report their sexy look!

It was indeed a night of beauty, power and international glamor all under one roof. The most powerful and influential man in the world of business, television and real estate took time out recently from his busy schedule to come to the Chelsea Piers Studios to be photographed with some of the most beautiful women in the world for a special photo shoot celebrating world beauty photographed by the globally famous photographer, Fidal Berisha the man responsible for capturing many of the world beauties and celebrities for the mainstream media.

Ms. Universe 2007 Riyo Mori getting ready for her close up!

Visually stunning and breathtaking  are really the only words I can think of when describing the  scene at Studio 9 at Chelsea Piers. Watching the international beauties having conversations with Trump about their lives, his famous NBC show “The Apprentice” and getting photographed with him was a press delight!  And just for the record, NONE of these ladies needed PhotoShop adjustment on any level!

“I am so proud of these women,” Donald Trump exclusively told The Ravi Report. “They are amazing and great beauties and they have become tremendous successes in their own country,”
stated the real estate tycoon. But Before The RR could get in another question, he was whisked  away by the gorgeous gals for more pictures.

Donald Trump poses with Ravi Yande

The press event was like being at the United Nations, except 1000 times sexier. No kidding.
Ms. Albania 2010 Angela Martini  was ravishing with her picture perfect body and  exquisite features. The 25 yr old is fast on the rise of becoming the next supermodel and with her  face and sexy body, she indeed has all the prerequisites.   Ms. Universe 2008,  Dayanna Mendoza

Ms. Kosovo 2008 Zana Krasniqi speaks to the press as Ms. Kosovo 2009 Marigona Dragusha listens in.

will make you melt with her hypnotic beauty while Ms. Kosovo 2008, Dana Krasniqi’s alluring beauty, captivating eyes and charming smile is enough to lure you into her world and away from your own!

The Ravi Report was lucky to speak to  a few beauties before they got swarmed by the media to find out what the concept of beauty meant to them. First up was  Chloe Mortaud, Ms. France 2009.
Q) Welcome to NY! Please if you will, give me your personal definition of what beauty means to you?
CM: (Pauses for a few seconds) When I was young, I was tall and skinny and people would laugh at me,” said the over 6ft tall French-American beauty.
CM:I feel much better now about myself.  I feel good in my own skin which is the most important thing and that is really beauty to me. This feeling of  confidence.
Mortaud also went to say that the Ms. France title  comes with a lot  of responsibilities and demands.
CM:Since I am French-American, many people want me to be in America as well so there is a lot of traveling involve with the title, visiting many people and places and taking many, many trips.

Ms. France 2009 Chloe Mortaud

RR: You have mentioned in the press that you are proud of being a French-American and for being associated with the two countries.  May I ask then what are your thoughts are on President Obama?
CM: Hmmm….well, what we see in France is a good thing. President Obama  is trying to install new things in America and is working very, very hard to make changes and increase employment. I see if from an outsider  but I still feel that he is doing a great job.

Ms. USA 2004 Shandi Finnessey smiles for The Ravi Report

Next up was the stunning  Shandi Finnessey, Ms. USA 2004. Ouch!

RR: You look terrific Shandi and good seeing you again. What does  beauty mean to a beauty queen like yourself?
SF: (laughs)Thanks so much. Honestly, beauty lies inside you. To me that’s really what beauty is. Feeling good about yourself, being confident and able to achieve your dreams while trying to do better in the world.
RR: How has life been for Ms. USA since the title win?
SF: (flashes a captivating smile), I moved to LA and have been super busy with movies, modeling and projects. I was on “Dancing With The Stars”, that was fun and I’m doing some upcoming TV projects as well so I have been pretty busy.
Ms. Universe 2007, Riyo Moria well known model  is also a accomplished

Ravi Yande with Ms. Universe 2007 Riyo Mori

dancer in Japan who began dancing at the age of 4.  She opened up her own dance school after she won the title and now teaches Japanese dancing to over 200 students.

RR: Konnichiha! So good to see you Riyo. I hope you are enjoying your visit to NY. What is your personal definition of beauty? 

RM: Be yourself, that’s what I think beauty is all about. Just focus on yourself, who you are and what you can do as a person.  That is so important!
RR: Your country has gone through some bitter-sweet times recently. The devastating earthquake but then the women’s  soccer cup win. Your thoughts?
RM: Yes, it was a very sad and a bad time for us but we are slowly recovering. It was very, very bad during the earthquake but we are coming back now which is good news.  I love soccer and I am proud that  our team  won. It brought prestige and excitement to Japan and we  needed it!
RR: What is one thing about America that you seem to admire the most?
RM: I like American fashion very much! It’s so glamorous and stylish and the designers responsible for such creativity are so talented. I also love NY fashion Week very much. So many beautiful people!
The journey continues folks…and with some major beauties!


Ok folks. No glamour here. No sexy starlets. No red carpet première  and  no A listers.

Just pure tragedy. Plain and simple.

 Haiti, the second largest Caribbean island has been hit with a terrible, horrific earthquake (7.0 magnitude) and the devastation has been displayed worldwide.  Thousands upon thousands of people have been killed(The Red Cross has reported an estimated figure of 50K so far)  displaced out of their homes, lost family members and are in much need of serious medical attention. Most of these people had very little to begin with now they have zero. Nada. Nothing.

Port-au-Prince, the capital city is basically gone. Destroyed. Scenes of buildings collapsed, homes destroyed and people running ,crying & screaming in the streets trying  to find their families and friends have been shown all over the world. A few television producer friends of mine were able to send some texts saying that they can’t stop crying as they are reporting on the horrific scene in the streets. The worst they say are the people trapped in the collapsed buildings, some as 9 storeys high that have no way of getting immediate help.  Thousands are severely injured and in immediate need for medical help but there are limited resources at this point so they have to wait. It maybe too late for some.

According to the Red Cross about  three million people were effected by the earthquake and the country is in immediate need of supplies, medical help and food.

Relief planes have been seen carrying supplies & aid into the devastation and many humanitarian groups & people are struggling to get the supplies like food and clothes to victims due to the obstruction of the main roads from the earthquake.

The Obama Administration urges all Americans who are trying to  find their family members  to call the State Department at 888-407-4747.

For the rest of you that want to help, here are some organizations that are in immediate need. The Ravi Report has been told that as of now, monetary funds are being requested more so than food or clothing.

How to help Haiti

1. – click the ” donate now” button at top and then International Response Fund or call 1-800-Red-Cross.

2.www. is a disaster relief organization delivers medicine, medical supplies and aid to people in crisis around the world. Call 1-800-486-HELP . All donations will be used for  medicine, medical supplies and for expenses for providing that medical aid.

3. or call 1-888-392-0392.

4. contributions will go towards medical supplies, medicine and emergency kits and transporting the supplies. 1-800-481-4462.

5. www. or call 1-800-678-7255, or mail a check to Operation USA, 3617 Hayden Ave., Suite A, Culver City, CA 90232.

6. founded by singer Wyclef Jean, the organization helps to improve the education, health and community development in Haiti. Text YELE to 501501 to donate.

7. http://www. or 1-800-4-UNICEF.

8.– Partners in Health for the past 25 years have given help in Haiti.  1-617-432-5256.

Also for daily updated information, contact the Embassy of Haiti in Washington D.C. at

Many NY fundraisers will be organized in the coming weeks so please stay in touch with The Ravi Report for updates/coverage.

The journey & prayers continue….




When news broke of actor Kal Penn 31, deciding to give up the glitz, glamour, $$$ in  Hollywood to join the White House Office of Public Liaison in the Obama Administration in Washington,  I thought: Who could do a better job than the well known and  likable Penn? Quite frankly, no one. The award winning American born Indian actor will soon be given the job title of Associate Director and serve as a strong link to the Asian American and Pacific Islander communities. In other words, it’s a great job folks!

Kal Penn being interviewed on the red carpet in NY with Indian actor Irrfan Khan

Kal Penn being interviewed on the red carpet in NY with Indian actor Irrfan Khan

Penn, whose was born Kalpen Suresh Modi 31 years ago in Montclair, NJ  to immigrant parents from India,  is one of the most visible and talented Asian Indian actors today in Hollywood. Some of his   popular movies like “Harold & Kumar Go To White Castle,”“The Namesake,”Harold & Kumar Escape From Guantanamo Bay” have created massive cult like followings around the globe. The television and film actor  for the past few seasons  has been portraying  the popular role of Dr. Lawrence Kutner in the mega hit  Emmy Award winning television series “House”on Fox directed by Bryan Singer.  Penn’s role ended recently when his character committed suicide on the show. Not a very graceful farewell exit but nonetheless,  it allows the  award winning actor to take the  job at The White House.

Kal Penn talking at "The Namesake" party in NY

Kal Penn at "The Namesake" party in NY

But let’s be clear here. Penn is not leaving acting.  It is just being put “on hold for now” as he has been quoted saying to the press.  The actor said that during the Obama campaigning he was very passionate about public service and acting so he is now embarking on another journey and will do very well in.

Over the years, I have met Penn several times at movie premiers, parties and red carpets events and let me just say one thing about the well liked actor. He is PERFECT for the job and let me tell you why.  In my opinion, Penn is not  an actor trying to gain additional popularity nor is he seeking fame and fortune-he already has that. The young and smart celebrity is ideal for the position because he is passionate about serving the public and the White House saw it and that is why they asked him to join their team.   Choosing to give up a very lucrative acting career (that Penn has worked so hard to achieve along with landing a role on popular television series that many actors only dream of getting) shows the true passion that this  young democrat has about helping to serve the public.

The Indian actor  has always been very nice and gracious to me and other reporters as well.  During the premiere of his hit movie “The Namesake” in NY, the actor made time for all the reporters and was very professional and very receptive to the audience during an Q&A session after the screening.  Even when Penn is an invited as a guest to a movie premiere or party, he is flocked  by the media and is often in high demand by the press to get an interview at premieres and parties.

Penn talking to a guest with Pulitzer Prize winning author Jhumpa Lahiri of "The Namesake" in the background.

Penn talking to a guest at the NY Public Library with Pulitzer Prize winning author Jhumpa Lahiri of "The Namesake" in the background during a surprise visit to the party.

“I have always loved acting but life is full of other opportunities” he once told me at a red carpet party in NY when I asked the actor about his choice as an entertainer when most South Asians traditionally  choose medicine or other sciences as a career.

“I am so grateful that the South Asian community has been encouraging and supportive of my work. That’s very cool” he told The Ravi Report on the red carpet recently.

The Indian actor campaigned for Obama during 2008 mostly on college campuses around the country invoking the voice of the younger generation.  He also expressed during that time to the Obama team how much he had enjoyed the opportunity and that serving the public  is something that he has always been passionae about  besides acting. They saw, they listened and they agreed.

Some of the feedback that I have been receiving from the South Asian community  has been nothing but positive.

“Finally, The White House has some solid South Asian representation” said one stunning Indian girl with porcelain like skin at a Manhattan Starbucks studying for what else, the medical school entrance exam. She further said that South Asians contribute to the economy in so many ways, it’s about time that there is strong representation in Washington.

Up close & personal!

Washington, here I come!

“I feel that Kal will in fact do a great job and open doors to communication not just with South Asians but with many other immigrants and communities” said one very cute and very petite Korean girl.  She also said the Obama Administration is filled with diversity and this appointment will only strengthen the President’s close connection to the international communities around the country.

 I  personally believe that since Penn is well liked by many people both inside and outside of Hollywood and has demonstrated his devotion to public service, he will indeed bring a great deal of honor to both Hollywood and the South Asian communities around the globe with his new and exciting role in The White House.

Way to go “Kumar”!

The journey continues…


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