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2013 Architectural Digest Show Brings Innovation & Beauty to New York

Get ready to step inside the world of luxury, beauty and architectural design!

Every year, one particular trade show is anxiously greeted by thousands of people waiting in line for hours just to get an exclusive look at some of the latest ideas and high-end products from the world of home design and housewares.AD1Welcome
And this year’s prestigious and most talked about 12th annual Architectural Digest Home Design Show held at Pier 94 in Manhattan, NY was again a super hit among fans and devotees of home decor and design.
“I waited online for almost an hour to get in but it was so worth it,” said a pretty young designer-in-the-making who came to get some new ideas for her business.AD04
The highly anticipated four-day home design show produced by the prestigious Architectural Digest Magazine (run by the gorgeous and brilliant  Editor-in-Chief Margaret Russell) draws  people from around the world including designers, architects, artists, residential decorators and media folks anxious to see the latest in home products and to meet the new designers and creative directors behind the AD show.
AD03The four-day event also included educational seminars presented by The New York Times which  highlighted well-known individuals from the home decor and design world who gave valuable  insights  about design trends and revealed their secrets in making everything look so easy and stylish. This years keynote presentation included a talk by Architectural Digest Magazine Editor-in-Chief Margaret Russell and world-renowned designer and America’s beloved author, the immensely talented and Oprah favorite Nate Berkus.

Stunning tabletop designed by Architectural Digest Magazine was a hit!

Stunning tabletop designed by Architectural Digest Magazine was a hit!

One of the highlights of the show was the Hollywood-ish entrance into the annual Design Industries Foundation Fighting AIDS or DIFFA tabletop design installations which allowed people exclusive access to view over 40 incredibly produced installations with special themed dining vignettes.

AD06DIFFA showcased the most extravagant and alluring tabletop designs produced by some of the most artistic and talented individuals and participating organizations from the design industry.

AD07Vibrant colors, over the top creative concepts mixed in with new ideas will make you stop and stare for hours, which most people did by the way. A big part of the AD show is the annual Cocktail By Design gala produced by DIFFA which raises money and awareness for AIDS. Attended by celebrities and who’s who of the NY social scene, the organization raised over $600,000 from their gala and party this year! Way to go DIFFA!

“I came here to get some wedding ideas for my reception,” said one gorgeous brunette with sparkling blue eyes and a notebook in tack to take notes.
“I was able to get some ideas from the show last year and apply them to some of my client projects,” said one beautiful blond designer with striking features “and I am hoping the same happens again at this show.”AD02

With the tremendous success  and over 30K people in attendance, you can almost be certain that those who were lucky enough to see what the world of home decor, art, lighting and furnishings had to offer, came way creatively smarter than ever before. I certainly did!

For more information about the world of captivating homes, designs and award-winning architects, please visit
The journey continues…and in style!!




It’s considered to be one of the  premiere and most celebrated  interior design events in NYC (it sold out again this year folks!) featuring many of the elite designers from around the country.  Housing Works, the NY based  organization that raises money to help  individuals living with HIV who are homeless or are in need of support,  recently produced a celebrity driven event called  “Design On A Dime”- a  collaboration with award-winning interior designers from around the country  who  come together and exhibit their impressive talents  in  interior design mixing color trends and luxurious accessories with  their trademark talent. All  in the name of raising money for people living with HIV. Great karma folks!

Award-winning interior designers pose for The Ravi Report

The pricey (tickets started from $150  upwards) three day charitable design event included silent auction and items sale. The event was opened to the public.

Ravi Yande with event co-chairman Nate Berkus

Since 2005, Design on a Dime has raised more than $2 million in support of Housing Works and the giving continues folks.

This year’s gala showcased the largest-ever array of designers and well-known celebrities who created 56 stunning room vignettes with new and donated items which then sold for 50 to 70% off at the end of the event. Trust me, there was almost nothing left to display!

All  five of 2011  co-chairs which included  the beautiful and AGELESS supermodel Iman, national design expert  Nate Berkus, James Huniford, Charlotte Moss and the ever so  pretty Lara Spencer were in attendance and mingled with guests and the press discussing their ideas and creative look.  The business savvy and well liked BRAVO TV Executive VP of Programming, Andy Cohen was gracious enough to lend his talent in a captivating display he had designed.

Stunning Iman with co-designer Robert Verdi smile for The Ravi Report

The event not only brings awareness to those living with HIV but also shows how supportive the design and entertainment  industries  are in raising money for a great cause.

 The Ravi Report was invited this year to the opening night cocktail party which was attended by some of the most beautiful people and talented designers in the world.

Oprah’s friend and home design global expert Nate Berkus is someone who really and truly cares about people.  Plain and simple. The well liked television host first stepped into the Oprah world  in 2002 and since as become one of the most  sought after designers who  has helped countless people beautify their home with his gifted talent for design and interior layout.

Nate Berkus expresses his gratitude to guests

In a field of editors, beautiful people, sexy models (yes, that WAS Petra Nemkova walking around with her credit card) and high society folks covered with enough diamonds to feed a country, stood a very unassuming, intelligent and personable man who is ruling the air waves with his popular show “ The Nate Berkus Show” while creating goodness along the way.

The crowd outside the sold out event at the Metropolitan Pavilion formed a line down the block. “I think Nate’s way of decorating is ideal,” said one gorgeous tall blond wearing a long back sexy dress. “I’m  waiting in line for about 25 minutes but it’s well worth it to see the designers and Nate,” said one stunning brunette with almond shaped brown eyes whose pulsation seem to have accelerated with the mention of the designer’s name.

Nate Berkus addressing the crowd eager to shop!

The humble and unassuming Berkus was  co-chairman of this year’s event.   The talk show host, author and entrepreneur is concerned deeply about raising money for people living with HIV and wants to do something about it.   Hand picked by Oprah, Berkus’s own national talk show  shows the world how to design on whatever budget you maybe working with. He spoke exclusively to The Ravi Report about his work, his passion and his dedication to helping others.

RR:  Good to see you again Nate. I know you have been actively involved in Design on a Dime and the organization Housing Works is very dear to your heart.  What role does the design community play in such an imperative fundraiser?

NB: It’s an opportunity for the design community to show the side that not a lot of people have a chance to see- an enormous, giving and non-judgmental group of very talented people.

RR: What is so unparalleled about this event?

BRAVO TV star Andy Cohen shows off style & class!

NB: Rooms are designed in a way that everyone has access to and is affordable for anyone that wants beautiful pieces of furniture or accessories.

RR: You have helped countless people all over America by way of home design while becoming somewhat of an icon in the design community with others following trends you have set. What inspires Nate Berkus to do all this?

NB: Well, thank you so much. Honestly, I am most inspired by people. In the ten years of makeovers on TV, it’s never the furniture, the colors or the fabric I remember. It’s really the personal stories of the people’s lives that I was able to touch that really means the most to me.

RR: How can we sum up Nate Berkus in one sentence?

NB: hmmm…(pauses).. I have been very, very lucky and I am aware of that every single day.

The  dazzling  Iman, CEO of IMAN Home Fabrics along with TV personality and stylist Robert Verdi collaborated together and created a unique collection with traditional African motifs in black, orange and white. It was nearly impossible to get a peak at their work since crowds of fan and gorgeous supermodel Petra Nemkova were trying to see their work and speak to the talented Duo. Iman is a stunner- plain and simple folks and very sweet. No wonder why she is so well liked in the design community both in the US and internationally.

Next year folks get your tickets early and become part of the exciting world of design by helping others and beautifying your home sweet home along the way. For more information on the event and how you can contribute all year long, check out

The journey continues…and with style!


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