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The Ravi Report Hits The Hamptons- Part 2

The dining table was an Indian masterpiece complete with golden chairs!

Once in a while, we get invited  to a stylish and  glamorous  dinner that we  talk about even after it’s over. Well, that’s just what I’m going to do here folks.  The Ravi Report was recently  invited to an exotic Indian dinner hosted by the captivating  Kelli Delaney-Kot of  and her husband, the charismatic and well-known  Dr. Mark Kot at their beautiful and historical  house in Water Mill, a hamlet of the town of  Southhampton.

India Night At The Kots”  spared no details in making it one of the most enduring and glamorous dinner parties  ever to be seen in the affluent town of beautiful people.  Gorgeous ladies dressed in silk designer sexy saris, the aroma of Indian food coming from the kitchen (later served by the wait staff) and traditional Indian music playing,  all were a part of the cultured event. It felt like home people!

The special invited guests mingled and nibbled on tasty vegetarian samosas and bajias catered by one of the top celebrity attended restaurants in NYC called  Chola and drank  champagne while getting to know each other.  I have to be honest here, I felt like I was at back in Mumbai  at one of those fancy Bollywood dinners that are attended by Bollywood stars, dignitaries and famous politicians.

Honored guests include Chris Clarke, the stunning Kelli Delany Kot, Dr. Mark Kot, Bernard Schwartz and his sexy wife Kimberly

Jennifer Lancaster, Ravi Yande, Alyssa Heim, Dr. Kot & Marie Caroline Caiola wore their best Indian clothes for the event!

Delaney had been preparing weeks for the dinner paying close  attention to every small detail.  “It was such a joy putting this dinner together that it did not seem like a lot of work at all. I wanted the food & the decor to be perfect for our guests.  We  wanted everyone to have fun and have a taste of Indian culture- in the Hamptons!”said Delaney. And boy, did we ever! Kelli told me that I inspired her to host the Indian themed dinner as I am always sharing my culture with her.

“With readers of KDHamptons being cultured, well-traveled and curious about the world, I thought it would be appropriate to introduce a little bit of Indian culture to them by way of our dinner.” added Delaney.

Guests dined like Maharajas!

The dining table was a masterpiece. Plain and simple folks. The table-cloth was made from Banarasi silk saris (heavy, expensive hand-woven silk saris from the  holy place of Benares)  Indian vintage statues served as showcase pieces, gorgeous red and pink rose flower arrangements lined the table and designer dinnerware complete with  gold-plated drinking glasses and light blue silk napkins made the dinner fit for a Maharaja!

The delicious cuisine consisted of traditional chicken and lamb dishes, mouth-watering palak paneer (a spicy spinach and cheese dish), rice,  Naan, (Indian bread baked in a clay oven) and spicy chickpeas called Chaana served with  a yogurt based salad called Raita.

The ladies complemented  the men who were wearing traditional tunics called Kurtas, a fancy Indian shirt made of silk. A sari, has most of you may know, is the Indian dress that is worn by  ladies and consists of 6 years of fabric wrapped around the body and the tail end is then draped over the shoulder. I will be honest here, I was so amazed at the way the beautiful ladies carried themselves since they had never worn a sari before and they walked around like pros! They completed the Indian look  with Bindiyas (the Indian circle shaped mark on the forehead) and an arm full of colorful bangles.

The Kot home was decorated with vintage silks saris, Lord Ganeshes, Indian bracelets placed in trays and traditional fall  flowers both inside and outside the house welcoming people  just as they do in India. The driveway was decorated with white candles lighting the pathway for the guests as they entered the home. A sheer touch of class!

“India Night At The Kots” was one of the most enjoyable dinners I have ever been to and sincere thanks to Delaney and Dr. Kot for  bringing Indian culture into their home in such a stylish and glamorous way.

The journey continues….namaste!



The Ravi Reports Hits The Hamptons- Part 1

Colorful fall decor graces the entrance to Dr. Mark & Kelli Delaney-Kot's stylish Water Mill home

The summer is over but for  the folks that live in the world-famous  Hamptons, the fun and beauty continue all year around. Plain and simple.

Palatial mansions are a common site in the affluent South Hamptons.

Thanks to my gorgeous and dear friend Kelli Delaney-Kot owner of  the highly popular online magazine, a luxurious resource for all  things Hamptons  (and for those that want a sneak peek into the lives of the most influential town residents) The Ravi Report got to see the affluent and illustrious town recently and had the privilege  of attending  one of the most  awesome, stylish and glamorous parties hosted  by Delaney and her husband, the famous Hampton doctor, Mark Kot. A report on the amazing party with the most  colorful photographs you will ever see will be posted shortly. You will not want to miss the story!

Ravi Yande walks the pristine South Hampton beach.

The Hamptons as we all know is the place to be seen…no matter what part of the world-famous town you visit. Actors, writers, business professionals, celebrities and designers  ( the list goes on and on) make their homes in the luxurious and scenic town, not to mention the number of television shows (Royal Pains) and movies (Something Borrowed, Wall Street) that are filmed in the picture perfect town. Traditionally once Memorial Day  hits, thousands upon thousands of people from all over the United States  come to stay in the picturesque town absorbing the beauty, charm and sophistication during the summer season. For many, the summer would not be complete unless they stayed or visited the town with  some of the most expensive real estate in America.

The Ravi Report got a personal tour of the Southhampton  by the gracious Delaney (who by the way lives in a historical and stunning farm-house in Water Mill). We hit famous beaches,  visited some incredible celebrity-owned mansions on Gin Lane  and drove down to the charming and impressive Kot Cottage located on a private beach on the Great Peconic Bay. It was spectacular  folks.

The Southhampton  Coopers Beach was recently selected as the Best Beach in America by the renowned “Dr. Beach”, Dr. Stephen Leatherman,director of Florida International University’s Laboratory for Coastal Research. The large white sand beach filled with beach grass and sand dunes is  home to some of the most beautiful birds in the world.  The prosperous Southhampton area also included miles of farmland, wineries, fine dining, historical buildings and of course beautiful people.

A major surprise which I encountered during my visit to the Hamptons, was the sighting of four  massive Lord Ganesh idols in front of a hidden mansion owned by the millionaire Francesco Galesi.  The stone idols reminded me of the wealthy Bollywood stars homes in Mumbai that are “guarded” by larger than life Lord Ganesh idols.  They are clearly visible from the highway. I stopped and said a little prayer.

Found Lord Ganesh in Southhampton!

The sitting stone idols have an almost ancient, South Indian appeal  to them something that is often seen in the  Hindu temples in South India.

The owner of the mansion must have known all about the revered Hindu God for them to be placed out in front of the mansion.  It was indeed a true surprise to see these Lord Ganesh in the Hamptons!

Beautiful beaches, palatial homes and  gorgeous people all lead up to one of the most amazing Indian Night parties that I have ever been to (and I’ve been to a me) given by one of the nicest and well-known editors in publishing Kelli Delaney-Kot. Stay tuned!

The journey continues…Hamptons and all!

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