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Donald Trump & Exotic Beauties Take Center Stage

Donald Trump smiles with international beauties

It was  one of the most amazing press events I have ever been to. Plain and simple folks.

“Donald! Donald! Over here! Please!” came the screams from reporters as the world-famous debonair, charismatic and  “The Apprentice” show creator entered Studio 9 at the Chelsea Piers recently. When Mr. Trump enters the room- you know it!

“Please Donald, one more picture,” pleaded a stunning and statuesque international beauty who made  models on the cover of Vogue & Maxim look like inexperienced school girls.

Rosanna Purcell (l) Ms. Ireland 2010 and Ms. Albania 2010, Angela Martini give The Ravi Report their sexy look!

It was indeed a night of beauty, power and international glamor all under one roof. The most powerful and influential man in the world of business, television and real estate took time out recently from his busy schedule to come to the Chelsea Piers Studios to be photographed with some of the most beautiful women in the world for a special photo shoot celebrating world beauty photographed by the globally famous photographer, Fidal Berisha the man responsible for capturing many of the world beauties and celebrities for the mainstream media.

Ms. Universe 2007 Riyo Mori getting ready for her close up!

Visually stunning and breathtaking  are really the only words I can think of when describing the  scene at Studio 9 at Chelsea Piers. Watching the international beauties having conversations with Trump about their lives, his famous NBC show “The Apprentice” and getting photographed with him was a press delight!  And just for the record, NONE of these ladies needed PhotoShop adjustment on any level!

“I am so proud of these women,” Donald Trump exclusively told The Ravi Report. “They are amazing and great beauties and they have become tremendous successes in their own country,”
stated the real estate tycoon. But Before The RR could get in another question, he was whisked  away by the gorgeous gals for more pictures.

Donald Trump poses with Ravi Yande

The press event was like being at the United Nations, except 1000 times sexier. No kidding.
Ms. Albania 2010 Angela Martini  was ravishing with her picture perfect body and  exquisite features. The 25 yr old is fast on the rise of becoming the next supermodel and with her  face and sexy body, she indeed has all the prerequisites.   Ms. Universe 2008,  Dayanna Mendoza

Ms. Kosovo 2008 Zana Krasniqi speaks to the press as Ms. Kosovo 2009 Marigona Dragusha listens in.

will make you melt with her hypnotic beauty while Ms. Kosovo 2008, Dana Krasniqi’s alluring beauty, captivating eyes and charming smile is enough to lure you into her world and away from your own!

The Ravi Report was lucky to speak to  a few beauties before they got swarmed by the media to find out what the concept of beauty meant to them. First up was  Chloe Mortaud, Ms. France 2009.
Q) Welcome to NY! Please if you will, give me your personal definition of what beauty means to you?
CM: (Pauses for a few seconds) When I was young, I was tall and skinny and people would laugh at me,” said the over 6ft tall French-American beauty.
CM:I feel much better now about myself.  I feel good in my own skin which is the most important thing and that is really beauty to me. This feeling of  confidence.
Mortaud also went to say that the Ms. France title  comes with a lot  of responsibilities and demands.
CM:Since I am French-American, many people want me to be in America as well so there is a lot of traveling involve with the title, visiting many people and places and taking many, many trips.

Ms. France 2009 Chloe Mortaud

RR: You have mentioned in the press that you are proud of being a French-American and for being associated with the two countries.  May I ask then what are your thoughts are on President Obama?
CM: Hmmm….well, what we see in France is a good thing. President Obama  is trying to install new things in America and is working very, very hard to make changes and increase employment. I see if from an outsider  but I still feel that he is doing a great job.

Ms. USA 2004 Shandi Finnessey smiles for The Ravi Report

Next up was the stunning  Shandi Finnessey, Ms. USA 2004. Ouch!

RR: You look terrific Shandi and good seeing you again. What does  beauty mean to a beauty queen like yourself?
SF: (laughs)Thanks so much. Honestly, beauty lies inside you. To me that’s really what beauty is. Feeling good about yourself, being confident and able to achieve your dreams while trying to do better in the world.
RR: How has life been for Ms. USA since the title win?
SF: (flashes a captivating smile), I moved to LA and have been super busy with movies, modeling and projects. I was on “Dancing With The Stars”, that was fun and I’m doing some upcoming TV projects as well so I have been pretty busy.
Ms. Universe 2007, Riyo Moria well known model  is also a accomplished

Ravi Yande with Ms. Universe 2007 Riyo Mori

dancer in Japan who began dancing at the age of 4.  She opened up her own dance school after she won the title and now teaches Japanese dancing to over 200 students.

RR: Konnichiha! So good to see you Riyo. I hope you are enjoying your visit to NY. What is your personal definition of beauty? 

RM: Be yourself, that’s what I think beauty is all about. Just focus on yourself, who you are and what you can do as a person.  That is so important!
RR: Your country has gone through some bitter-sweet times recently. The devastating earthquake but then the women’s  soccer cup win. Your thoughts?
RM: Yes, it was a very sad and a bad time for us but we are slowly recovering. It was very, very bad during the earthquake but we are coming back now which is good news.  I love soccer and I am proud that  our team  won. It brought prestige and excitement to Japan and we  needed it!
RR: What is one thing about America that you seem to admire the most?
RM: I like American fashion very much! It’s so glamorous and stylish and the designers responsible for such creativity are so talented. I also love NY fashion Week very much. So many beautiful people!
The journey continues folks…and with some major beauties!

Chef Master Eric Ripert Brings Culinary Inspirations Into The Kitchen

Super star Chef Master Eric Ripert addressing the guests.

Bonjour!  I will be the first one  to admit it.  I’m one of his biggest fans. The food, the preparation and the way he makes his signature sea food dishes  look so easy to prepare, it is  no wonder that French Chef Master, celebrity judge, author and television host Eric Ripert  (rih-pair)is known as the Jack of All Trades and Master of Many in the world of international cuisine. Translation: the guy rocks…plain and simple. 

Ripert’s  culinary skills are legendary and so are his taste buds. The French-born NY living celebrity chef’s claim to fame started way before any television show or recipe books were written. The Frenchman rose to peak stardom with his amazing talents as Executive Chef and  co-owner of one of the most prestigious and distinguished restaurants in the world, Le Bernardin located in Manhattan.   

The hot spot  often referred to as the “Temple of Seafood” serves  the creme de la creme in seafood cuisine and caters to  some of the most well know personalities and celebrities around the world. Top ranked consistently by the New York Times for the ultimate dinning experience,  Le Bernardin is to fine dinning what the Eifel Tower is to France- an iconic symbol of prestigious, grace and culture. If you are lucky enough to get a reservation and want to experience the “Rolls Royce”  in seafood dining,  then do check it out www.

Ripert instructs his talented staff on preparation

I recently met Ripert at a special and private press event at the fabulous, energetic and very trendy Anomaly studios run by the talented businessman Justin Barocas in Manhattan  last week. The special gathering  which introduced Ripert’s  popular second season show “Avec Eric” to the press along with his cook book “Avec Eric: A Culinary Journey With Eric Ripert ” (Wiley)  named after his show, was one of the most sought after media events of the cold mid-January week. Top editors from prestigious organizations including Luxe. Elle Decor,, O Magazine, Architectural Digest and Interior Design, graciously came to meet their favorite  iconic  chef and listen to what he  had to say about his show, his kitchen and what inspires him to make such delicious food.

The media event was held in a specially designed kitchen influenced by Ripert and his team in the Anamoly studios that serves as the background for his popular television series “Avec Eric”. World home design companies like Poggenpohl, Miele and BLANCO helped design the kitchen with their products and the talented staff from Le Bernardin created some of Ripert’s special dishes and drinks for the guests that attended.

Ravi Yande with world renowned celebrity chef Eric Ripert

“Eric Ripert is an incredible chef with a loyal following around the world,” said one very attractive editor standing in line to get her book signed who said that she became a devoted fan of Ripert since he started his guest appearances as a judge on the popular television series “Top Chef”.

“This book should represent the beginning of your culinary adventures in the kitchen,” explained Ripert.

What I found to be the best part of the book was not only were there stories of how Ripert gets inspired with his work,  but also how  both the beginner and the advanced cook can  both learn the basics and the advanced forms of Ribert’s signature and everyday dishes. Plus, you will be surprised to find out that  some of the ingredients that are required to make those delicious dishes may already been in your have  spice cabinet!

Ripert gave editors and special invited guests a tour of his kitchen and explained to them why certain products were placed in the designated areas and how a kitchen should be set up for those trying to achieve a comfortable cooking template that feeds the creative process which then fuels the inspiration for your cooking.

Ripert explaining why his kitchen set is so effective for his work.

Ripert was also kind enough to sign his book “Avec Eric: A Culinary Journey With Eric Ripert” (Wiley), a collection of mouth-watering recipes from his culinary journey from Italy to California,  that the celebrity chef  shared with readers and how his cooking motivated his creative process for his culinary masterpieces. His motto “Great cooking does not have to be complicated” holds true in this book filled with amazing recipes and photos from his travels.

Ripert’s show “Ave Eric” can be seen on the PBS and grab your notebook and pen when you watch it because you may create some culinary action that you didn’t know was in you!

The journey continues….


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