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Superstars Serena Williams & Darrelle Revis Launch Evoque

Superstars Serena Williams and Darrelle Revis are all smiles for The Ravi Report

It’s NY Auto International Show week folks and you know what that means- incredible and expensive new cars, beautiful people and exclusive press parties introducing the latest and hottest cars that many  of you will want to see before the show ends on May 1 at the famous Jacobs Javits Convention Center in Manhattan.

The Ravi Report received exclusive behind the scenes coverage of  one of the most talked about cars so far this year- the amazing and beautiful 2012 Range Rover Evoque

2012 Range Rover Evoque, just stunning!

which made its NY debut a few days ago in one of the most stylish launch parties that Manhattan has seen in a while that took place in the Meatpacking area of the city (need I say more?)  The  sneak peak is especially exciting for The Ravi Report  since the  Evoque will not be available to consumers until Fall 2011 so you can just image the kind of rush it was to get into this exclusive party. But let me tell you one thing first hand here folks- the Evoque is going to rock…big time. The buzz already is that it will be sold out before it hits the streets and with its appeal to both men and the sexy ladies, the sleek & fully loaded “people magnet” will become as popular as Land Rover’s other brands in no time.

NY Jets Cornerback Darrelle Revis exclusively poses for The Ravi Report

The Evoque was introduced by some of the most alluring people from the world of sports, fashion and style and who else to help promote something so amazing then two masterful athletes synonymous with all things  the Evoque symbolizes- speed, grace, charm and power – super athletes NY Jets Cornerback Darrelle Revis and world tennis sensation Serena Williams.  It was a dream come true for the hundreds of captivating party goers who got to see their favorite athlete in person during the launch.
“I missed my friend’s engagement party to come and see Serena,” said one stunning brunette wearing a red silk Versace dress. “I left my patients early tonight  just to see my man Revis,” said one beautiful doctor laced with David Yurman jewelery.  Also on hand to help celebrate the launch were the beautiful Georgiana Chapman, Josh Rubin (, Bevy Smith and  Piers Fawkes.

Serena Williams gives her sexy pose exclusively for The Ravi Report

Revis, sharply dressed and ever so polite to the press, spoke about how he liked the Evoque with its new style and for what it represents- speed and class.  Revis is part of New York,City Shapers meaning the talented NY Jets star represents a group of influential people from the world of sports, fashion, film, design and style that consumers follow. The talented football star  always seems to bring positive energy where ever he goes or whatever red carpet events he is invited to. I’ve seen Revis at other NFL parties  and the NY Jets Cornerback has become part of a very distinguished and popular social circles of influential athletes.
Serena Williams is  a super star no matter what does. The polite and very pretty gifted athlete and part of the “City Shaper” group as well made such a grand entrance that people literally on the streets were shouting her name as if a  rockstar  had arrived while she made her way inside the Highline Stages where the event took place. Williams, wearing a stunning purple dress and looking beautiful has had a couple of stressful months lately regarding some health issues.

The world tennis champion listens to a question from The Ravi Report

The tennis champion had to undergo recent emergency treatment for a  pulmonary  embolism  in March and  she also had  foot surgery last year. As one of her biggest admirers,  I will say that  Serena Williams looked phenomenal. Plain and simple. The face, the charm, the politeness were all in tact when she attended the event. She was very polite when spoke to all the reporters.

For more info on the Land Rover Evoque, please check out the website
The journey continues…and come this fall, it will be a smooth ride for many!

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