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John Varvatos: Jack of All Trades, Master of Many!

He’s got a keen eye for fashion and sharp ears for discovering new rock bands. He hosts a popular radio show and runs a charity that has raised thousands of dollars  for children of sexual abuse.  World famous fashion designer John Varvatos wears many hats and is loving every second of it!

Superstar mens designer John Varvatos speaking with guests

Superstar mens designer John Varvatos speaking with guests

I’ve been a long time fan of Varvatos and have followed his work and his collections for years so when The Ravi Report caught up with the famous designer with the Midas touch at a private event at Bloomingdale’s in Manhattan recently where Varvatos was launching  his new shop inside the upscale store, I  wanted to find how this dedicated family man manages to balance  his passions and still finds time to have fun in the process. I found the acclaimed designer to be humble, polite and very passionate about his work. The party rocked by the way.

“We make clothes that guys feel comfortable in. Very masculine and stylish,” stated the well liked designer who favors the color black and is known for his hip rock & rock fashion sensibility.

Surrounded by family, well wishes and fans, Varvatos revealed where the concepts for his collections and ideas come from.

“The creativity really comes from the passion to keep moving on. From the streets of Paris or watching an old movie and  it’s never the same place that’s for sure!” explains the savvy businessman.

Varvatos's collections are masculine yet classic and popular around the world.

Varvatos's collections are masculine yet classic and popular around the world.

His trend setting, rockstar-ish and stylish clothes have been popular with men for years creating a strong buzz around the world. Celebrities including Hugh Jackman are fans as are many of todays professional men who feel their wardrobe would be incomplete without a suit, vest or pants from the Varvatos’s collection. The perfectly cut suits, slender pants or relaxed vests have all been hugely successful for the Detroit born designer.

Varvatos says that designing has always been an intricate part of who he is. From his days of working at Ralph Lauren to present day award-winning designer, he says he has always been interested in fashion and style. Whether it’s shoes, a new collection or creating a new fragrance, Varvatos says he is always thinking of new ways and ideas to expand his brand  even during the recession which  hasn’t affected his business as much he said.

“Thank God we are doing well but everybody has been hurt by it in some sort of way. We have been lucky in that our products and line have done well and I feel very blessed.” said the designer who first premiered in 2000.

Honored three times by the Council of Fashion Designers of America for his work including Menswear Designer of the Year 2005, Varvatos also has a loyal and massive following in India especially with Bollywood stars. His clothes are often worn to film parties and premiere by stars and producers. Varvatos has a soft spot for the majestic country.

Varvatos and daughter Thea pose exclusively for The Ravi Report

Varvatos and daughter Thea smile for The Ravi Report

“I loved India when I went. It’s an amazing place. The culture, the people, the color, it’s a visual orgasm!” smiles the world traveller.

His popular Converse by John Varvatos sneakers have been a hit all over the world with everyone from rock stars to celebrities sporting them. His association with the company has turned the shoe into a global fashion statement. His brand also includes eyewear, skin products for and men and women and a new fragrance for men.

Despite having his plate full and often being pulled in many different directions, Varvatos puts his beautiful 14 month old daughter Thea as his top priority and often brings her to events, work and on his trips.

“She has been a calmly part of my life. I used to get to work around 7am, now I get to work a little later and spend time with my daughter in the morning” boasts the proud father who likes to spend his weekends with his baby and beautiful wife Joyce. Varvatos has two children in their early 20s from a previous marriage.

Anyone who knows Varvatos also knows that his love for music is as much as part of his DNA as is designing.

John Varatos & Ravi Yande smile for The Ravi Report

John Varvatos & Ravi Yande pose exclusively for The Ravi Report

“Music has always been a  part of my life and always will” says the fashion icon whose radio show “Born in Detroit” on Sirius XM satellite radio has a huge following. One of his favorite bands is Alberta Cross.

The John Varvatos Bowery store in Manhattan which used to be the home for the iconic rock club CBGB, has become a historical place for  music fans. With  rich musically history still embedded in the store walls, visitors can get a chance to experience and see what the world of rock and roll was like through the memorabilia still kept in tack from the days of the club. Varvatos says the store keeps music alive and says that it’s been about discovering new bands and singers and sharing those discoveries with the world.

The multi-talented family man has contributed a great deal to the world of fashion and music by adding a mixtures of style and rock and roll.

“I’m just trying to have a little fun along the way” smiles the millionaire.

And he certainly is.

The journey continues…


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