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New Book Brings Photographer Reka Nyari Into The Spotlight

Acclaimed photographer Reka Nyari smiles for The Ravi Report

When  I first met the stunning photographer Reka Nyari years ago, I saw what most other people saw- a hard working, ambitious and very beautiful creative person who knew how to capture the world’s attention with her gift of artistic photography.

 Fast forward a few years and Nyari has become a good friend as well as an in- demand photographer in the world of fashion, business and modeling. The NY based beauty has recently added another title to her resume- published author. The  former model who wanted to be a painter while growing up in Helsinki,  has recently written a book that demonstrates her skills as an award-winning top photographer who has taken the world of sensual photography by storm. No kidding folks.

Ravi Yande with author Reka Nyari

Entitled  “‘Femme Fatale: Female Erotic Photography,” the 220 page book is a labor of love filled with countless stunning and provocative   sexy  photographs of some of the most beautiful models taken by the New York photographer.
“I had a hard time trying to put this book together due to the thousands upon thousands of photos that I had to choose from,”stated the dazzling author at her recent book signing party which was well attended  with over 800 of her closest friends and admirers who wanted a signed copy.  The book sold out in minutes.

Nyari signing books for her fans and friends

“I’ve known Reka for years and she is an incredible photographer,” said one gorgeous brunette model wearing a very sexy, low-cut silk dress who came from Brooklyn for the party. The event was held  at the famed Kiss & Fly club in the trendy Meatpacking district in Manhattan.
“It’s her first book and we are all so proud of her,” said one exquisite and tanned blond waiting on line to meet Nyari.
Putting the book together was no easy task says the former model.
“I spent countless hours trying to figure out which models to include in the book, which pictures would capture the attention of readers while trying to pick out some of my best work. It was hard but the final results were very satisfying,” states the author.
There is plenty to capture your attention here folks. No kidding.  Pages of pages of picture perfect female bodies wearing only their smile in exotic locations are  featured in the compilation of seductive beauty.
“I find  nudity natural and beautiful and love portraying women  in my photos as strong sensual beings,” said the accomplished photographer.

" I am so grateful to everyone for appreciating my hard work"

Nyari is no stranger to the world of glitz and glamor. The model turned author has been in the limelight for years with her exotic photography and visually captivating and alluring photos shown around the world.  For many years she says she was in front of the camera and now spends a great deal behind it to capture the visually appealing image.
Like most successful and driven people, Nyari started very young in her journey and knew right from the beginning that she wanted a creative and fulfilling career.
“I was always fascinated with the human form and  as a child, I knew that photography was going to one day play a role in my career on some level.”
Nyari’s  book has two roles she says. First it portrays almost a “canvas like appeal”  of some of the  best artistic photos from her years of going around the world shooting models .The other part it is  her personal  journey into the world of exotic photography that has become part of her branding which in turn, has  made Nyari one of the most sought after  photographers around the world. The journey she says has  also been a way for her to express herself in the most purest form of art.
One of the most interesting characteristics of the beautiful author  is that she has immense  interest in people and her desire to show different forms of them through her lens no matter where she is in the world.
” I always have been curious about the world, people, art and I feel that when I am taking pictures, I am “speaking” to the subject through my lens and the pictures are the end results of my dialog.”
For more information on Reka Nyari’s work or the book, visit her visually appealing website at
The journey continues…exotic and all.

United Nations Combines Culture and Wildlife in “Shared Destiny” Photo Exhibit.

"Shared Destiny" opening night party

The UN welcomes culture & art together through wildlife photographs

Picture this. A room full of beautiful  people. Some dressed elegantly in exotic and traditional outfits while others are in trademark & stylish Chanel black cocktail dresses lingering among  the most amazing photos of wildlife  in the world.

A diverse array of guests attended the "Shared Destiny" opening at the UN Headquarters

A diverse array of guests attended the "Shared Destiny" opening at the UN Headquarters

Let me first start off by saying this is one captivating photo exhibit that you are not going to want to miss. Seriously folks. Make your way to the United Nations Headquarters before July 12 to see one of the most amazing wildlife exhibits you will ever see on this side of the east coast. Filled with images from Africa and the Arctic,  two of the world’s most famous photographers have come together to bring awareness  in help protecting animals around the world.

The Harp seal smiles for Nigel Barker.

The Harp seal smiles for Nigel Barker.

Internationally known  celebrity, photographer  &  personal friendNigel Barker  along with acclaimed author and gifted photographer Luo Hong collaborated together with the United Nations to bring a thought provoking photographic exhibition called “Shared Destiny: Wildlife from Africa to the Arctic.”

It is an EXCELLENT photo exhibit showcasing  some of  the most beautiful and innocent animals in the world.

The Ravi Report attended the opening reception on World Environment Day a  few weeks ago along with hundreds of well wishers and fans of the photographers who waited months for the exhibit to open.

Bollywood Icon Amitabh Bachchan being honored at the UN as Goodwill Ambassador

Bollywood Icon Amitabh Bachchan being honored at the UN as Goodwill Ambassador

As an international  journalist & producer, I’ve been covering and   attending cultural events at the United Nations for several years and I  always have learned so much more about the world from meeting different groups of people.  In 2005  when Bollywood iconic movie legend Amitabh Bachchan was given the honor of Goodwill Ambassador, I was there front row and center watching the special moment that brought India and the UN together through Bollywood.

This exhibit was no different. It brought countries together through the lenses of Barker and Hong.  Both individuals have been admired and respected for years for their work so this exhibit was just an extention of their talents. I spoke to a few  guests who have been following the careers of Barker and Hong  and they said that they were quite familiar with their work and their passion for the preservation of wildlife.

Gifted photgrapher Luo Hong being interviewed by the foreign & UN press

Gifted photgrapher Luo Hong being interviewed by the foreign & UN press

In a full blown art gallery type of display, the  show depicts some of  most intimate moments of the beautiful  seals, penguins, polar bears, giraffes  and other wildlife that Barker and Hong captured on their expedition.  The collaborated efforts from two of the world’s most sought after photographers was much more than just an exhibit,  it was  more of  bringing together culture, international dialogue and the importance of  preservation of wildlife around the world.

Giraffes from the African wildlife by Luo Hong

Giraffes from the African wildlife by Luo Hong

“I am so happy to see that people from all over the world have come to see this” said a stunning Indian lady admiring the photos while fixing her silk sari standing next to the foreign press interviewing Hong.

Both Barker and Hong sent out a very important message with their work through the help of the United Nations – that safety, respectability and environmental protection of animals is something that we can all help in preserving making it a safer planet for these beautiful creatures to live on. That message came across loud and clear with many of the guests who also  felt the same sentiments echoed in the exhibition.

“I can’t believe anyone would want to harm these beautiful animals” said one concerned guest who was familiar with both photographers work through their careers.

World famous lensman Nigel Barker smiles for The Ravi Report

World famous lensman Nigel Barker smiles for The Ravi Report

Another guest who had followed Barker and his work with the seals through the Humane Society last year, said that she and others were interested in how these animals are being treated and in what way could she and her friends get involved in trying to help bring awareness to the issue of saving the wildlife.

“I have always loved animals and totally understand and appreciate what Barker and Hong are doing with their work and dedication to animals. ” she commented.

“Shared Destiny: Wildlife From Africa to the Arctic” exhibit runs through July 12, 2009. The location of the show the United Nations Headquarters Visitors Entrance on 46st and 1st Avenue. It’s free to the public.  A MUST SEE FOLKS!! Make this part of your summer things to do list.

The Journey continues…


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