The Ravi Report Travel Diary: Paddington, London is birthplace to brilliant mathematician Alan Turing


The famous and beautiful Norfolk Square Garden was a perfect place for afternoon tea with my friend.

Since the famous town of Paddington, London is mentioned often these days in the media, I thought it would be an opportune time to share some memories of my recent trip to the well-known central London historical place that I found to be both fascinating and compelling.

For all of you who have never been to the famous town, it is SO worth the trip. From beautiful historical buildings to world-famous iconic structures to the best cafes & restaurants, Paddington is one of those towns that you are going to want to visit again and again. Trust me on this folks!


Downtown Paddington was full of amazing cafes that served famous tomato and cheese sandwiches!

 Paddington has been in the news lately because the world-famous scientist and brilliant British mathematician Alan Turing was born in the famous town. The biographical book Alan Turing: The Enigma (Princeton University Press)  written by the accomplished Andrew Hodges served as inspiration for The Imitation Game, a motion picture based on the life of Turing and his mathematical gifted ability to crack the Enigma code. The films  stars the refined actor Benedict Cumberbatch  and the beautiful Kiera Knightly. Based on the recent reviews of Cumberbatch’s performance, this film is buzzing Oscar worthy already.
Hodges_AlanTuring movie tie in

A wonderful and detailed look at the life of gifted scientist Alan Turing written by the famous Andrew Hodges

Cumberbatch portrays the brilliant computer genius Alan Turing, famously known for cracking the Enigma code during World War II.
Turing was born in Paddington and went to Princeton University where he obtained his PhD in 1938. His dissertation introduced the concept of ordinal logic and the notion of relative computing.
Turing made a tremendous contribution to the world of science and technology and he is often credited for being the first to invent the concept of the computer and artificial intelligence.
Without giving to much of the movie away, Turing’s inner conflicts of who he really was, played a key role in how the astute mathematician ended his short life.
Turing’s strong influence and contribution in the world of science and technology has also served as an inspirational factor for many young scientist around the world including Jack Adraka. The 17-year-old (yes, he is only 17!) gifted scientist and researcher  is accredited for his work in developing a fast new and  inexpensive way to detect an increase of a protein in humans that indicates the presence of pancreatic, ovarian and lung cancer during their early stages.


Met up with some friends at Fountains Abbey, a traditional British pub which opened in 1894. It’s one of the most popular social places in Paddington often filled with beautiful locals.

One of many highlights in Paddington is a unique statue of Turing located on St. Mary’s Terrace which is about a ten minute walk from the Paddington train station. The statue is constructed of steel and in 2D design making it unique in structure and was voted by the local residents who chose Turing based on this historical and scientific contribution to society.

Popular celebrity hotspot for both Hollywood and Bollywood stars!

I found Paddington easy to get to. From the London Heathrow airport,  you can take the Heathrow Express  underground tube which takes you directly into Paddington Station in  about ten minutes. The scenic view is awesome!

Paddington Station is clean, filled with exotic stores and great places to eat with high-end shops.  Think NYC Grand Central Station mixed in with a  bit of Vogue and GQ influence.

I was lucky enough to venture out with a beautiful friend of mine who has been living in Paddington for about a year. She gave me a tour of the town and says she never wants to leave. I can clearly see why.
Paddington is filled with stunning hotels, popular cafes, world-famous pubs, stylish vintage clothing stores and of course the best food from every culture.


World famous St. Mary’s Hospital founded in 1845 is considered one of the iconic structures of Paddington

Jewish, Greek, Middle Eastern and Asian communities fill the mix of people living in Paddington so visitors are fortunate enough to experience all kinds of ethnic cuisine. I just say that the Indian food was pretty delicious!
While I didn’t get to see everything that Paddington (I was only there for a few days) has to offer, my friend did manage to show me some of the historical places and sites that will be featured in coming posts.
The journey continues….and cheers!

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