Antonio Sabato Jr. Becomes Wingman & Dating Coach To Millions

Antonio Sabato Jr. smiles for The Ravi Report

Antonio Sabato Jr. smiles for The Ravi Report

Antonio Sabato Jr. really needs no introduction folks. If you have been following his career, the former “General Hospital superstar, model, devoted husband and father and now international celebrity spokesperson, has been one of the most hardworking Hollywood professionals over the years. And for good reason.
“I love to work and be creative in my career,” the Italian actor and former Calvin Klein model  exclusively tells The Ravi Report.
The handsome actor has taken on another role these days- trying to find the perfect match for the thousands of single men out there who haven’t yet found the perfect lady.  Sabato  has  signed on to become  the US-based celebrity spokesperson for the online dating site Anastasiadate.com, a high-end dating site featuring exotic ladies from around the world looking to find Mr. Right. Sabato will also give tips and personal insight into the dating world on his own personal blog called “Under The Sheets: Tips from Your Celebrity Wingman,” which will be hosted on the Anastasiadate.com website at Blog.AnastasiaDate.com.
In person, Sabato looks the same as he did when I first met him years ago on the red carpet- youthful, charming and in great shape.
The recently married actor sat down with The Ravi Report to talk about his new venture, being a parent  and the current state of reality television.
RR: Antonio, great seeing you again and congrats on the recent wedding. Your wife is gorgeous!  You are now part of something pretty exciting- finding the ideal lady for the single guy.  Why did you get involved in the international Anastasia Dating site?
AS: I’ve been with Anastasiadate for a few months now and I do see a very bright future for our collaboration.  They came to me because I am in essence not only helping single guys  find exotic ladies as life partners, but also sharing with them my own personal years of dating experiences that I believe will bring value as a spokesperson. It’s been educational for me as well.

Antonio Sabato Jr. poses with Ravi Yande

Antonio Sabato Jr. poses with Ravi Yande

RR: The entire online dating culture has taken off and millions are using social media as their primary source of finding someone. Why do you think online dating has become the main source for so many singles to meet their potential mate?
AS: Well to be honest,  it  is easy…you can be in the comfort of your home when  finding someone while you are in a relaxed and stress free environment and it can also be a fun experience.
RR:  I personally know many people who have met online and are either married now or in steady, long-term relationships.  Do you think because people nowadays are so social media savvy that they understand the whole dynamics of online dating better than before?

AS: I think social media has not just changed online dating but the entire world in general. I mean from Facebook to Google Plus, you have everyone interested in and using some form of social media in every aspect of their life so  why not online dating? People are smart, they know what they want in a person and are not afraid to ask. I think online dating sites breaks down barriers and get the ball rolling quicker by asking the right questions and starting an email dialog.

RR: Do you think people are getting tired of the social scene like going to crowded clubs or sexy rooftops trying to meet beautiful people?
AS: It can be predictable at times- you go hoping to meet someone and nothing happens so it does seem to be working in that direction. I also think guys who join will be exposed to more exotic and cultured ladies that they have a hard time meeting at clubs.
RR: Do people often have higher expectations of finding someone online especially when they have a large pool of potential dates to select from?
AS: Nothing is perfect and we don’t say it is.  You have to work on it and people do have choices. Working on a relationship and getting to know each other is a very important and basic step in any relationship whether it be online or in person. Relationships are not easy.

Sabato is now wingman and dating coach to millions!

Sabato is now wingman and dating coach to millions!

RR: You are now a happily married father with three children including a teenager.  How has the transition been for Antonio, the jet-setting single star, to Antonio the devoted dad who gets up at 3am to change diapers?
AS: (laughs) Well, it’s been the best. I met my beautiful wife 4 years ago in LA and we have been married now for a year. It’s not easy and  we work on it, like everyone else. We are blessed and we are connected to each other.  My wife is the first thing in my life. Before it was about me when I was single,  now the commitment is about us and our family. My main goal is to provide for my family and to always be there for them.
RR:  What insights from the dating world will you bring to the millions that will follow your blog  and advice on the site?
AS: I had fun dating ladies from all over the world and  I can certainly bring that experience to the site and help those single guys with tips  from my personal dating experience. I have been both single and now married,  so I know what works and what doesn’t. I can also try to lead them in the right direction in terms of what they should look for when starting out and help them with their relationship.
RR: You became a household name on the  famous soap opera “General Hospital” and went on to films, modeling and other prime time television shows. What do you think of today’s reality shows?
AS: It is off the charts! You can do anything you want today on television. No boundaries.  For actors though, it’s a bit tough because many of the reality shows have taken away from the real dramas and good shows we are used to seeing.  But good scripted TV will never go away.
RR: And if given the choice, what kind of show would you like to be in?
AS:  I would welcome the idea of doing a show on racing cars and what it takes to race them around the world. I love racing Porsche cars and am passionate about racing. Also, any show  related to Italian culture cooking, wines, holiday festivals.
RR: You have led this amazing and privileged life as an actor. Traveling the world, dating beautiful women and living the dream of becoming a Hollywood actor and successful model and now have shifted gears to being a devoted family man opting for selected projects. Would you want your kids to follow in your Hollywood stardom footsteps in any way?
AS: I don’t want my kids following this industry at all and thankfully they have no interest  in it. To have a strong family connection is important to me and them right now.  How you treat each other and the structure you have at home is important to everyone.  It’s been a blessed journey for me as a father and husband and I will continue to be there for my kids both  spiritually and emotionally.
RR: Thank you Antonio. Always a pleasure catching up with you.
AS: Thank you.
In addition to having his plate already full, Sabato is planning on introducing Italian wine from his hometown in Italy in October. The Ravi Report will keep you posted!
The journey continues…ciao!


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