New York International Gift Fair Shows Off With Innovation & Style!!

Lighted hanging lanterns by Artecnica welcomed guests to the show.

The annual  New York International Gift Fair  show which brings some of the most beautiful, new and  innovative products to the world of consumer spending, offers more than just new products being introduced to the world.

It is a  buyers delight!
Held recently at the Jacob Javitz Center in NYC and Passenger Ship Terminals  Piers 92 and 93, over 35,000 visitors came to visit  2800 exhibitors including famous designers and new artists from around the world to witness the latest in innovation, creative design, style and sustainability while also learning a bit about international culture.  Exhibitors from 74 countries including Japan, Mexico, India, France, Brazil, Italy, London and Canada displayed their new and exiting products. It was as if the  United Nations hosted a party!

The Ravi Report was invited to cover the premiere gift, home decor and  lifestyle trade show and I will say this, it was one of the most interesting events that  I have been to so far this year.
The five-day event shows off some of the most creative and new designs from the world of fashion, jewelry, gifts and home design/decor. From large manufactures to smaller ones, individual companies showed off their wares hoping to gain interest from buyers and major executives willing to carry their products.
It is nearly impossible to write about every product from the show, so The Ravi Report picked just some of the items that displayed innovation, sustainability and smart design for the educated consumer.
One of the most interesting (and popular of course) items was The Ravi Wine Chiller. That’s right folks, a wine chiller with the same name of yours truly! I first came across The Ravi  last year when readers had emailed me asking if I knew about  a very popular wine chiller that was named The Ravi. I had heard about the popular Canadian product and accessories before but never fully explored it until I saw The Ravi at the show. It’s awesome folks!!
“We launched the product in Canada and the product did very well there,” stated Marc-Andre Nadeau, VP of Business Development for The Ravi.
“We started in the US in 2008 in the tough economy so it was a bit slow. But sales did start picking up in 2009 and now, every time we do a show, people take the time to stop and are impressed with the way The Ravi performs.”
And they should be! The Ravi is the perfect wine chiller and a must have for anyone that loves drinking wine.  It  can also be used for other alcoholic drinks.
“The Ravi is great for other drinks like Vodka, Gin and Scotch. As long as there is alcohol it will work well.” commented Nadeau.
How does it work? It’s  simple.  You chill The Ravi apparatus for 6 hours, slip it onto your favorite wine bottle and then slowly pour the wine into the glass, using the thumb to control the pouring speed and bingo! You have chilled wine for hours! The cooling process happens as the wine passes internally through the high quality stainless steel tube.  The Ravi is a sleek, sexy, ergonomic product created by the renowned designer Michel Dallaire and is available in 16 countries.
So the next time you drink wine folks, give The Ravi a try and see what a difference it makes in drinking wine.  Check it out on www.ravisolution.com
Michael Aram tea sets and Buddha designed trays by Annie Modica were hits with buyers
The Michael Aram  collection also caught my attention. The talented and award-winning designer is creative and intelligent and has a very large and loyal following around the world.  I’ve been a longtime fan of Aram’s work  and he is hugely popular in India where all his products are made.  Check out his latest collection at www.michaelaram.com. The stunning hand make Buddha  tray from designer Annie Modica was also a show stopper. With its beautiful colors and artistic appeal, the Asian themed tray is perfect for entertaining or makes for that special gift (Mother’s Day is around the corner folks!). For more info please visit http://www.anniemodica.com for a full line of amazing and artistically designed products.

Anokhi fine cottons from wood block prints displayed culture and style to show visitors

The Anokhi clothing exhibit displayed stunning bright Indian cottons  and dresses made from block work . The fine fabrics were designed from wood block prints on fine cottons that showed the true colors and popular designs of  India. Perfect for the coming spring and summer. For more stylish designs, visit http://www.anokhiusa.com.
Jonathan Adler was  a major part of the show. The celebrity designer’s display was one of the most beautiful and elegant displays at the show. Fans just flocked around his work and as usual, Adler creates a frenzy whenever he is around. Adler’s latest creations from the show can be seen at  www.jonathanadler.com
 An interesting new and very innovative  product was the Merge Ware coffee set. Polished, sturdy and designed for longevity, the hand crafted porcelain and rich black walnut coffee cup and saucer set complete with kettle, reminds me of drinking coffee on my trips to Vermont. Created by brilliant company founder Thomas Ryan Barkman, the Merge Ware line of cups and coffee pots merge (get it?) together porcelain and walnut to make the joy of drinking coffee an even sexier one! For more info visit www.mergecup.com
 The New York International Gift Show proves that innovation, creativity and refinement are all still very much in demand when it comes to decorating or accessories the home, buying jewelry or clothes.
A sincere note of thanks to Cathy Steel Associates who handled the press for the show. Due to their hard work and efforts, many national and international press associates  were able to meet their reporting requirements and deadlines.
The journey continues….and with innovation!

1 Response to “New York International Gift Fair Shows Off With Innovation & Style!!”

  1. 1 Tammy P.
    March 13, 2012 at 11:32 pm

    Great job Ravi!
    Enjoyed seeing what us consumers are in store for in the gift market.
    Loved “The Ravi”.

    Will buy it for my wine and cheese parties this summer!

    Tammy P.
    New York

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