NY SPECIAL EVENT: Fete With Food & Design

The prestigious A&D Bldg is home to top design showrooms.

Picture it. Over 12 floors of the most exquisite food from  the most preeminent restaurants prepared by the most incredible chefs that will leave you breathless served in some of the most stunning selected home design ultra-lux showrooms you will ever see in New York.  If you were not lucky enough to snag a ticket to the event then next year you better make your way to the annual “Taste of  T” event presented by the New York Times Style Magazine where luxurious home design meets savory cuisine.

Mouth watering desserts were part of the night of tasting and design.

The Ravi Report had exclusive  access to the most recent and talked about and culinary event  that took place at the world famous Architects and Designers Building, a venue  known for floors upon  floors of home design luxrious  showrooms.  The  resplendent building created an upscale restaurant type environment  filled with delectable  food, beautiful people, delicious pastries and fine wine.

Delicious chocolate fountain welcomed guests at the event

Each participating showroom featured a celebrity chef from a famous and trendy  restaurant cooking their trademark dish while other showrooms set up enticing displays of dessert including a chocolate fountain in the Studium showroom.

Selected showrooms welcomed guests

“This is one of the finest culinary events that I have been to. One of kind and a must for all food connoisseurs,” stated a beautiful model like brunette as she filled her plate in the Fantini Rubinetti showroom.

This is the 6th year that the NY Times Style magazine has produced the event and each year it gets bigger and better.
“I really love the fact that you get to taste some of the best food in  NY prepared by some of the best chefs in the world,” stated a stunning, tall blonde as she entered the elevator to go the 9th floor to the Miele showroom which she says was her first stop.
Miele, one of the most prestigious and popular German appliance maker in the world has indeed one of the captivating showrooms in the A&D bldg.  Modern yet classic and filled with  luxurious appliances  surrounded by sexy, stylish and trendy furniture mixed in with exquisite lighting, gives the  showroom an almost majestic appeal.  Guests in the showroom were treated  to the talents of celebrity chef Alexandra Guarnaschelli from the world-famous restaurant Butter.

Celebrity Chef Alexandra Guarnaschelli from Butter cooks for guests

Many guests enjoyed seeing the spectacular Miele showroom

“We have been involved in this now for four years, ” stated Nick Ord, President of Miele, USA.

“Every year we love it. This year was better because it was focused on cuisine and we are so happy to be part of it” stated Ord.
Why has Miele become such a beloved brand to consumers?
“The brand is loved by consumers because of the attraction they have to quality and the trust they have in the name,” boasts Ord.

Each selected showroom had their own speciality.

There was a special South African wine tasting called “Indaba” that was served to visitors  while they mingled with design experts and chefs. The SNEG USA showroom was full of people fawning over the multi-colored luxurious refrigerators that will certainly brighten the kitchen and bring a lot of color to the home.

Colorful SNEG USA refrigerators were a hit with guests!

While it is impossible to write about every single showroom  that took part in the event this year and what they offered (I could write a book! LOL!) I wanted to give  a sneak peek  into one of the most appealing  events in NY.  Not only is it  a great way to taste  fabulous food and meet celebrity chefs but also a  way to get ideas on how to decorate your home with the latest, stylish, innovative and beautiful furniture and home design accessories you will ever see.
For more information on the showrooms  or to check out the other luxurious home designs studios, go to www.adbuilding.com for a complete listing.
The journey continues…

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