NY Oscar Parties: From Traditional To Eco-Friendly

Golden Oscar statue greeted guests as they entered the Hotel Carlyle Oscar party

Golden Oscar statue greeted guests as they entered the Hotel Carlyle Oscar party

It was Hollywood in NY on Oscar night for sure. Town cars lining up, diamond laced celebrities sipping champagne and add a larger than life  golden trademark Oscar statue welcoming in guests and former Oscar winners and you my friends, have a night of NY glitz & glamour celebrating the Academy Awards 2009 and let me tell you, New Yorkers know how to p-a-r-t-y!

First stop, the very classy and elegant  Carlyle Hotel on the Upper East Side . The party  had the true trimmings of a Hollywood Oscar event. Waiters walking around holding silver trays of the finest champagne making sure the distinguished & beautiful guests were enjoying themselves.  Special decorated tables with imported silk tableclothes covered with beautiful flower arrangements and candles, were also part of the festival atmosphere at the world famous hotel. “This is one Oscar party that you don’t want to miss especially if you live in NY!” stated one Versace gown wearing lady with pigeon egg size diamond earrings.  There was no shortage of bling bling at this event for sure!

Hotel Carlyle doorman helping VIP guest into the Oscar party

Hotel Carlyle doorman helping VIP guest into the Oscar party

Presented by the Academy of Motion Arts & Sciences the event was filled with the most glamorous television, Broadway and film personalities from NY. Broadway star and legendary actress Elaine Stitch made a grand entrance and Academy Award winner Geoffrey Rush who won for Best Actor for his role in “Shine“(1997)  mingled with guests and noted personalities.

Academy Award winning actor Geoffrey Rush attend NY Oscar party

Academy Award winning actor Geoffrey Rush attends NY Oscar party

The party had the true elements and glamour of an Hollywood type Academy Awards party and the golden Oscar statue placed  in the middle of the world famous cocktail room filled with black tie wearing gentlemen and evening gown wearing ladies enhanced the party even more so.  I will say that it’s nice to see that glamour and style are in full swing when it comes to the Oscars no matter where you are.

Onto the next party, an Eco-friendly one that is. Yup, you heard it right. We go from  exotic diamonds and the classic black tie to the trendy & stylish Soho dresses, sexy models and green grass.

Manhattan’s newest Eco -friendly lounge Greenhouse was the home to a very organically designed Academy Awards party. My first one to be honest and it was very cool. Large wide screens placed on several sides of the lounge showed the Oscars as  patrons (about 400) drank delicious gin cocktails amongst  a mostly film and fashion crowd. The table settings including organic hand lotion samples, soaps and special hair products that are “tested on actresses never on animals”. You gotta love that!

Enjoying an Oscar party the eco-friendly way!

Enjoying an Oscar party the Eco-friendly way!

 Thanks to Poull Brien of Way Over Budget Productions and Jared Moshe of Sidetrack Films, invited guests got to experience an incredible Eco-friendly Oscar party that many had never experienced before in their life.

“This is better than any Oscar party I have been to so far” said one stunning brunette with a cute piercing in her nose.

 “I think they should take this theme and make it universal” said one tall beautiful blond who wore a  fashionable designer dress made from very little fabric.

The VIP gift bags contained organic products by www.theorganicapple.com a great company for organic skin and hair products. Check it out!

NY was  indeed traditional and creative when it came to celebrating the Academy Awards this season and it did so with the kind of energy and spirit that New Yorkers are best known for.


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  1. 1 JTK
    February 24, 2009 at 6:59 pm

    Look out Hollywood, here comes Bollywood!!! We’re counting on you Ravi to keep us updated!

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