Freezing Night in NYC Brings Out Warm Hearts For Charity.

It had to be one of the coldest nights so far in NYC this Fall season.  I mean cold. Cold. Did I say that already? Sorry. Ok, enough of that. But it was cold.

It was blistering winds outside on the streets of Manhattan but warm and toasty inside the spacious Gotham Hall in Manhattan on Friday night, November 20th when the gorgeous supermodel and founder Helena Houdova along with superstar Russell Simmons came together for Houdova’s annual Sunflower Children Charity Celebrity Poker event.  The charity (www.sunflowerchildren.org) is a humanitarian based organization that aids disadvantaged children around the world in education, healthcare and the necessary requirements for daily healthy living. Helena is President and founder of the Sunflower Children Charity and she does an amazing job with her tireless efforts and passion for helping children.

Supermodel Helena Houdova, Founder & President Sunflower Children

Supermodel Helena Houdova, Founder & President Sunflower Children

The charity has grown immensly over the years thanks to the supermodel and her team of dedicated & caring people.  The organization has helped thousands of children through the generous donations of people who attend the galas/events that Helena does throughout the year. She has a very loyal following and it certainly showed at the event that was nearly sold out.  Co-host & long time supporter Russell Simmons, who is ever so generous with his time and money, graced the occasion with his tradmark sport cap and winning smile as guests entered the main area for the cocktail party where international male model Lane Carlson was interviewing stars and guests for TV. The long line of beauties waiting to speak to Lane was indeed confirmation that the model has many dedicated fans.
Co-hosts Russell Simmons & Helena share a joke.

Co-hosts Russell Simmons & Helena share a joke.

Despite her busy travel schedule, Helena still manages to find time to assist in arranging and overseeing events throughout the year for the foundation. When you speak to her in person, you can get a feel for her dedication and drive that she has to help people. I’ve met her many times over the years at events and she is gracious and very humble in nature and always stops to speak to reporters.

The red carpet arrivals were a bit tight this year in the sense that most of us reporters, photographers, foreign and US TV crews were all sharing one packed area. But still we all cooperated with one another as the celebrities & supermodels came through to stop and talk to reporters before they were whisked away into the main area of the Hall.

With intense wind chill factor going strong, the ladies did not skip out on wearing their best designer evening gowns complimented by the finest jewels and furs. It was indeed the place to be scene in NY that night!
The elegant Armani Models make a surprise visit!

The elegant Armani Models make a surprise visit!

Congrats to Helena and her hardworking and dedicated team of volunteers and support staff who worked so hard to make sure the event ran smoothly. People were excited to be part of something so special and from the looks of it,  it was indeed a successful event. Kudos to smart and organized Lisa Sorenson of LSPR who did a great job with the press and the red carpet. For more info do check out www.sunflowerchildren.org to see how you can join Helena and Lane in their crusade to help children around the world.

As I was leaving Gotham Hall,  I saw a very beautiful lady running in late from the cold wearing a sexy black evening gown and a sheer silk jacket barely covering her up.

“What a cold night” I commented.

“wild horses couldn’t keep me away tonight” smiled the beauty.

That statement itself speaks volumes of the generous human spirit.

Happy Thanksgiving.


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