Live As If You Were To Die Tomorrow, Learn As If You Would Live Forever- Mohandas Gandhi

 A profound  statement made by one of the world’s most revered and respected leaders Mohandas Gandhi. To many of us, he was simply known as Gandhi.

Greetings from The Ravi Report!

So much to talk about and cover folks!

As a global news journalist and producer, I thought it was time to have an extension of my thoughts & comments about people that I have interviewed, places that I have visited and reported from and film or charity events that I have attended and covered.  Mixed that in with exclusive interviews with celebrities,

Actor Tom Cruise poses for The Ravi Report at his movie premier "Valkyrie" in NY.

Actor Tom Cruise poses exclusively for The Ravi Report at his movie premiere.

Bollywood personalities and profiles on people making headlines around the word and you have (drum roll please) “The Ravi Report”. 

As a seasoned media professional & news journalist for the past decade, I have interviewed & reported on some of the most interesting and news worthy topics, met incredible and engaging  personalities from all walks of life, travelled to foreign cities for stories and covered enough red carpet premieres and events to write a book!

Whether it’s a leading A list Hollywood celebrity like the charismatic and charming John Travolta and his beautiful and very gracious wife Kelly Preston at a NY film premiere

Actor John Travolta and Kelly Preston at "Death Sentence" premiere NY

Actor John Travolta and Kelly Preston at "Death Sentence" premiere NY

telling me about their latest private airplane ride (he’s a pilot) or where they plan on going to for the holidays or  having tea with the world’s most recorded singer (12,000 songs and counting)  Asha Bhosle who spoke about her latest projects with foreign singers, her popular restaurants around the world and her love for NY and Broadway, the famous personalities that I have met and interviewed, have been charming, personable and interesting to talk to.

The world's most recorded singer, Asha Bhosle taking a break before a NY concert.

The world's most recorded singer, Asha Bhosle taking a break before a NY concert.

 I have learned and explored  the world of entertainment and international news by becoming interested in what people are all about and what they have to say.  Plain and simple.

A big part of “The Ravi Report” will also feature and cover special events in NYC attended by prominent  personalities from all areas of interests who either support their favorite charity or colleague in a film or like to lend their name for a good cause.  For example. the annual Charity:Water gala is one of the biggest and most talked about event in NY and is attended by New York’s  beautiful, glamorous, generous and the most  kind hearted folks you will ever meet. From the red carpet arrivals to the after parties of premieres, charity events, benefits or art show openings, The Ravi Report will bring you the latest  interviews , commentary and photos from as many events as possible.  In addtion, special benefits, social mixers and celebrity events will all be featured in the report with a different side to what is tradtionally reported or seen in mainstream media. Behind the scenes, special exclusive interviews and the lastest styles in fashions, will all be featured in the blog. But one of the most interesting things about The Report Report is that I hope to bring a mixture of news not only happening in the enteratinment world but also in the business or media world that will be making headlines around the world.

Water gala in NY.

Supermodel Jessica Stam and megastar Adrian Grenier smile for The Ravi Report at the Charity:Water gala in NY.

As a entertainment & features reporter attending and covering numerous events in Manhattan for years,  I’ve learned that celebrities, filmmakers, global personalities and supermodels often have a lot to say about their favorite cause or about themselves that they sometimes don’t want to talk about in a “staged interview”. I also find they are more laid back and often show a more personable and humorous side to their personality when being interviewed at a premiere, charity event or film festival.

Michelle Monahan & designer Tom Brown pose for The Ravi Report

I hope you find my blog interesting, exciting, informative and of course newsworthy!

The journey begins…


2 Responses to “Live As If You Were To Die Tomorrow, Learn As If You Would Live Forever- Mohandas Gandhi”

  1. October 15, 2008 at 2:38 am

    Thanks for sending me the link and for the kind words on the red carpet.
    Keep up the great work and look forward to seeing you at my movie premiere

  2. 2 Eva
    November 15, 2008 at 6:01 pm

    This is so great! Love the look and look fwd to all the juicy info!!

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